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This weekend I spent the official kick off of summer at my areas local Ice Cream Festival. It’s an annual event and like many that you might attend anywhere in these United States,

With a sizable capacity for patience and an equally sizeable wad of cash, I joined my fellow festival goers in that most patriotic and American of Memorial Day traditions spending an insane amount of money on food and merchandise arguably most of which I could have made it comfortably through life without.

Be that as it may, and because it’s just what I do, when I happen upon a vendor that interest me either before or after speaking with them, it’s my custom pick up the vendor’s business card.

It may not come as a surprise to you (not me for sure) but the majority of them have all the information you’d expect to find on any business card. Name of the company, the owner, phone number and perhaps an email address (albeit in most cases a very unprofessional one like “”… yuk!) and of late I’m finding one more piece of info that signals the owner has lost all touch with reality!

Can you guess what that piece of information is? Well if you had your business thinking capon (straight) your first guess might be the company or business’s website.

If that was you guess, you’d expect to be right but unfortunately, your’re wrong and as it applies to any business card I pick up that’s doing, dead wrong!

If you’re not willing to reach your audience with Facebook ads, (yeah that means you have to pay money) then you can expect reach roughly 3% of your audience.

For example, if you have 5000 likes/fans on your Fanpage, you can expect to reach 150 of them with what ever you post to your page and hope it to show up thier news feed.

But what’s worse, if you believe that everyone that “likes’ your page and who is ow a so-called “Fan” will be interested in your message even though they see it you are sorely mistaken.

This is because there are any number of reason most of them irrelevant) why someone would actually click like on your page.

Do you really want to spend your time posting to such a small audience (free or not) that you can’t even be sure even give a hoot about you or what you’re brand is about?

Using Facebook as the sole marketing channel for your business without spending money on paid ads is a crap shoot. One you’re likely to lose if you don’t have a central base for marketing and branding your business. The central hub should be your company website.