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“There are only 3 ways to effectively grow your business in today’s overcrowded marketplace…

– Get more new prospects to become paying customers

– Get each customer to buy more at each purchase

– Get each customer to buy from you more often


“…This is no longer easy to do by yourself but with our help you can grow your business all 3 ways”

More Effectively Marketing Your Business

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Optimize Your Marketing

Focus on what really matters which is stepping up your Advertising game, continuously and proactively protecting your business’s Reputation and building your Brand through social proof and engagement.

If that all sounds terribly “new age” that’s as it should be because it is a new and exciting age in which new strategies must be developed when new ways of dong things are what the market demands.

Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone and really, why should you?

When there are so many areas that need to be addressed, you need someone working for you that understands each and every one of these critical areas and also has the resources to get the job done.

you’re local and we’re local too

Relax And Stay At Home

Because just like you, we are a local business which means that we have a real stake in your success. Your success literally is ours. Here are a few more benefits…

Better understanding of your target market’s wants, needs, preferences and buying habits.

Face to face meetings can be conducted with no time wasting emails and phone calls.

Focus on local audiences gives your business the advantages it needs where it matters most.

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Brand Marketing


Video Marketing


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Pay Per Click Marketing


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Social Media


Website Design


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on watch at the helm

Company Managers

In the interest of space conservation, we present the personnel that comprise the core of our organization.

Limitations notwithstanding, we certainly can not fail to acknowledged the dedication of the many exceptional and talented people for whom without their hard work, our range of services would certainly not be possible.

Bryan Jackson - Owner & Lead Consultant

Bryan directs the work of the consultant team and is the main point of contact for communication between clients and all members the consultant team.

Dana Huges - Client Services Director

Dana maintains existing business with current clients, grows business relationships with current clients and assist in bringing new clients on board.

Delinda Vreeland - VP Marketing & Sales

Delinda is directly responsible for the strategy, tactics and programs to create interest, demand and recognition for our services.

Barry Vreeland - VP Sales

*Sadly, our friend and colleague, Barry, passed away May of 2018. His warm and winning smile, his personality, knowledge, guidance, integrity and professionalism will all be sorely missed.

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Coffee, Tea or Lunch?

Just a couple of doors down from 31 West, Moe’s Original BBQ serves up the best ribs town. We can meet there and have lunch (our dime) or grab some coffee or tea at River Road Coffee House on 21st or at the square.

Coffee, tea, lunch or over a desk, when we meet, we’ll sit down and and discuss how we can create a personalized marketing package custom tailored to your business and its needs.

Set up a time on and lets get the ball rolling!

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