Looking for custom landing page? You’ve come to the right place (I think!?)…

Honestly I don’t normally do landing pages for individuals but every now and again you meet someone who is truly special and who inspires you.

This was definitely the case with Rasheedah. Her heart and energy are infectious and after talking to her it was clear that she was a go-getter, type “A” personality so I told her about the benefits of having a landing page. She immediately got it and her page and this one are the result.

I’ve been a consultant to small businesses for awhile now and I rarely encounter in them the same entrepreneurial spirit that Rasheedah has. Maybe that explains why so many of them do so poorly when it comes to promotion. And it’s true, if you are selling or promoting anything online, a landing page can mean the difference between okay conversions and sales to absolutely explosive ones.

If you think you would like to grow your sales, customer list and profits, I’m willing to work with you to create a great landing page just like the one I designed for Rasheedah.

Like her story, I plan to present future ones here for extended exposure and posterity.

Fill out the form below and you could become my next success story!

What can I say? A successful deployment of Rasheedah’s landing page, produced a need that had to be addressed and filled. The only question that remained was how?

Her page features video that serves as the content delivery element of the page instead of text which means higher production costs.

Duplicating her success with the same type of page format that includes video and lots of personalization for her group members wanting landing pages would probably be too expensive to produce for the average user who might want such a page.

What was needed was a page that could do a good job of conversion without video or even a great deal of content.

The perfect compromise was developed by simply approching the marketing form a different yet related angle!

Now users form Rasheedah’s team or individuals who want a way to increase the number of referrals and capture email addresses can us this landing page that is personalized but much more affordable due to the omission of custom video and extensive textual content.

This package is available for just $30 and includes, first name on page personalization and customized instruction email (page link sent to your sign up’s email inbox) or fill out the form below if you need something else.

Either way, you could become my next success story!

Let's Start Your Project Launch Sequence!...

Let's Start Your Project Launch Sequence!...